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Anti-Corrosion PVC Boat Decking

Anti-Corrosion PVC Boat Decking

We strongly believe in the quality and performance of our Boat range and offer a 5 year material guarantee on our profiles.

Whilst Boat synthetic decking greatly reduces the level of maintenance required in comparison to teak deck, it does not eliminate the need to maintain it entirely once installed. As with all flooring products, any spillages should be attended to as soon as possible. We are unable to offer our 5 year warranty on a deck where lack of care or maintenance is apparent, or damage caused to the material through contact with chemicals or solvents.

Boat is not a porous material and it resists staining better than natural wood or cork decking.

Our  new proprietary formula is also easier to clean than other synthetic teak products. Petroleum products, red wine and fish blood simply was off with common detergents. One of the major claims made for these synthetic teak decks is stain resistance. We went out of our way to stain our pvc teak material , using gasoline (petrol), dirty oil, antifreeze, red wine, coffee, and whiskey. We allowed each mess to remain on the surface 24 hours, judged how bad it looked and then tried to remove it by scrubbing with a mild detergent and a soft brush. Our teak looked like new and there were no signs of staining.

Synthetic Decking Maintenance

A simple wash using soap and water should be sufficient to remove everyday dirt, grime and general spillages. Unlike teak decks, jet washers can be used upon Boat to give a thorough clean over larger areas.

Liquids such as fish blood, oil or red wine should be cleaned as soon as possible. Allowing the liquid to dry could result in a stain which is more difficult to remove.  Should any surface staining occur we recommend using a piece of 40 grit sandpaper rubbed “along the grain”. This will remove most marks and return the area to it’s original colour. This may be lighter than the surrounding area but should blend over a short period of time.

Our sales team will be happy to answer any questions that you may have with regard the upkeep of your deck.

By keeping your Boat in a clean and maintained state you will not only keep your deck looking good but will also ensure that it lasts for years to come.

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Product Case

Our boat deck can be applied to a variety of boat decoration, the color of the atmosphere can be your boat decorated with more gorgeous.

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