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High quality PVC boat deck

High quality PVC boat deck

Sailing is always the source of good stories: it can be a trip to an exotic place, a lovely family trip or even an unforgettable meeting with friends.

But if you do not take care of your boat, its own navigation conditions can become the bad guys of this story: dirt, moisture, excessive salinity, lack of lubrication in metal parts and old fuel in motor the engines can cause corrosion of various parts of the boat, messing up their leisure time.

So, check out SEVEN TRUST tips for taking care of your boat and keep it always new.

Some tips to keep your boat always new:

1.Install High quality PVC boat deck
When it comes to install decks on boats, many people think that they gather dirt and moisture. In fact, most decks can lead to accumulation of dust and absorption of water, but not the high quality PVC boat deck decks. They do just the opposite: they avoid the accumulation of dirt in the boat and protect it from moisture.

2. Wash your boat after use
It may seem a strange tip, but even the cleanest water has some levels of impurities and salts, which are corrosive. Therefore, apply a fresh water jet after use, use a specific product for the boat hull and then apply a fresh water jet again. Be careful not to wet any equipment that may be damaged by moisture.

3.Use a protective cover
After cleaning, use a sheet or protective cover on the boat, even if it is at a covered marina, to keep the boat protected from the moisture and the weather.

4.Empty the fuel tanks
Periodically, it is necessary to clean the fuel tanks of the boats, since the product that stay too long in the tanks can deteriorate them. In addition, it can contaminate the other fluids (oil, water etc.), increase the production of smoke, clog filters, loose power and break the injection system.

5. Check the battery regularly
Analyze the battery from time to time to check if the level of electrolyte is suitable, how the oil is, if it needs to clean or change filters or the spark plug wires. Lubricate metal parts and see if the connectors are rusting. If so, remove them, clean them and use nautical grease to waterproof them.

6. Keep the electric winch inside the locker
Even if the electric winch (which helps to pull the anchor) is waterproof, leave it inside the locker, because otherwise the water that constantly hits the prow can reduce the appliance lifecycle. Also, choose chains, which have better traction and safety comparing to cables.

All this will ensure the health of your boat for much longer, and you can enjoy it much better with your family. And to learn to take care of it even better, how about downloading now our Guide to care for your boat? Enjoy it, it’s free!

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