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How to maintain the internal details of the yacht

How to maintain the internal details of the yacht
When cruising or cruising at a high speed, the yacht should be closed to the hold, especially on the aft deck, as the return air will draw the engine exhaust and salty moist air into the hold during high-speed cruising. Gas, such as carbon monoxide, in the engine’s exhaust gas can cause injury to the health of people in the cabin. Moist air containing salt can be hazardous to electrical equipment in the cabin.
Yacht interior space maintenance details are as follows:
Carpets: Carpets in cabins should be decontaminated weekly with a vacuum cleaner and professionally cleaned every six months to remove bacteria, dust, food-borne debris, stains and more.
Furniture: Cabin furniture, the best once a month vacuum or wipe with a soft cloth, if particularly dirty, you can use a dedicated cleaning agent, but be careful not to use detergent to be sprayed directly on the furniture surface, you should first Spray detergent on a soft cloth and wipe it with a soft cloth.
Kitchen appliances: All equipment in the kitchen, appliances should be kept clean and in normal operation. Electrical equipment and cabinet door seal to keep clean to prevent mildew.
Bathrooms: The bathrooms should be kept clean and cleaned immediately after each sailing or when needed, including walls, floors, showerheads, faucets, handles, toilets, drains, etc. And the best monthly sterile disinfection with a suitable disinfection.
Electrical Equipment: All electrical equipment on the yacht should be kept open and running once a week when it is not used for a long time to get rid of the moisture on the circuit.

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