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Keep Your Non-Skid Boat Decks Clean

Keep Your Non-Skid Boat Decks Clean

Squeaky-clean non-skid is paramount to a safe boating experience. Allowing dirt and grime to build up in the valleys of a non-skid’s textured surface decreases its effectiveness, which on a pitching deck can result in a nasty fall or a one-way slip into the drink. Stepping aboard a dirty boat is also a downer. But beyond esthetics, dirt and grime, under the press of a deck shoe, act as an abrasive that can wear your non-skid out—another reason to keep it clean.

Gelcoat Non-Skid

Both molded-in and aftermarket rolled-on gelcoat non-skid provide the ideal home for dirt and grime that tends to collect in the valleys of the non-skid pattern, where it can be hard to remove.

Cleaning gelcoat non-skid involves the removal of surface dirt and stains. This can be a one-, two- or three-step procedure, depending on the how stubborn the dirt and stains are to remove. After completing step one, two, or three (as the situation dictates) you can, depending of the condition of your non-skid, move on to optional step four.
Step One: Remove the surface dirt. Scrub your decks and the rest of your boat with a medium-stiff deck brush and a boat soap specifically formulated for the marine environment,If your boat and your non-skid come up clean, you can call it “done”; or move on to optional step four if you like. However if after washing your non-skid with boat soap some dirt or stains remain, move on to step two.

Step Two: For stubborn, hard-to-remove dirt, use a non-skid deck cleaner, Testing has shown that in addition to removing stubborn surface dirt.

Step Three: For any stains that remain after step two,choose a mild, acid-based stain remover that removes most types of stains.

When using an acid based stain remover, wear rubber gloves, eye protection, and keep it off of paint, varnish, or galvanized surfaces, as it may dull these areas.。

Optional Step Four: If your gelcoat non-skid is in good condition and not oxidized, you can protect it with a liquid polymer wax. This may come as a surprise to some who believe that applying wax to gelcoat non-skid will make it slippery. For old, worn non-skid this may be true. But for non-skid that is in good condition,Industries has shown that gelcoat non-skid can be polished and protected without a loss of traction. For an informative video on the Shurhold system, check out the video at the end of this article. For a general West Advisor on gelcoat care and restoration, click here.

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