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Low maintenance pvc boat deck

Low maintenance pvc boat deck
I used to think that teak decks were the greatest,now Synthetic teak boat decking is a synthetic alternative to traditional wooden decking. The product offers a number of benefits, including a non-slip textured surface that is easy to maintain.

In most cases, old teak decks are laid on top of an otherwise perfectly watertight fiberglass surface. Hundreds of screws penetrate the fiberglass deck, reaching into the core to secure the deck, and these are sealed with some type of bedding material. The screw heads are covered with teak bungs, and the seams between the strips of teak are filled with a special rubbery black caulking. Unless correctly maintained over the years, teak decks start to leak. If not addressed early, these leaks can be the cause of major problems. For this reason, most people consider teak decks on older boats a detriment, not an asset.

in order to overcome old wood teak decking, synthetic teak boat decking is good option for customers, it low maintenance, durable and will not crack, can used for any weather, now we have export to USA, Spain, Croatia, UK ect. if u need free sample or quotes,pls contact us as soon as possible, we will supply best service to you.

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Product Case

Our boat deck can be applied to a variety of boat decoration, the color of the atmosphere can be your boat decorated with more gorgeous.

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