Brown Boat Deck

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Maintenance of hull deck

Maintenance of hull deck

Taken the hull

The surface of the hull is coated with a layer of glass steel and a sandwich foam, which effectively guarantees the thickness and strength of the hull.

Taken the deck

The deck of the deck is also coated with four layers of fiberglass and a layer of sandwich foam. The deck is made of smooth surface and skid surface, ensuring safety and beauty.

Taken the maintenance

The beauty of the sailboat is largely determined by the luminosity of the surface coating, so the protection of the hull and deck is particularly important. Banned outright hull collided with hard object, aboard ship must wear soft shoes, prevent metal, stone and other hard objects and gel smooth direct contact, when the ship is in port can only be parked near the yacht dock or can protect the smooth of the float, if floating no soft rubber edge, is applied to touch the ball to do protection, cables must be fixed after sailing boat docked (don’t use the ship’s other ropes tied boat), tied to the ship should cross at horn rope , and cannot be too tight, prevent the rope by up/low tide force is too large.

After each use the ship deck should be rinsed clean, rinse with clear water after salt, if sailing boat moored at sea for a long time, should be cleaned regularly below waterline materials such as shells, it will affect the beautiful degree and speed of the boat.

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