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pvc composite decking for boat floor

pvc composite decking for boat floor

Like a traditional deck, you have a lot of choices for the material used to cover the dock. Many people who have built with pressure treated wood in the past have been experimenting with other materials in more recent years due performance concerns. While pressure treated wood is often the most cost conservative dock planking option, it is prone to checking, warping and splitting, especially in an environment so exposed to moisture. In addition to the performance shortfalls, because docks are located directly above water, stain or paint that can peel, chip and flake can contaminate the water and is therefore often heavily regulated, which may affect the desired look you want. For these reasons and more, contractors and homeowners alike have been trending away from new product replace traditional pressure treated wood dock planking.

Seven Trust Synthetic Teak Decking

ther benefits supplied by the Seven Trust planks include a multi-layered finishing system that resists fading over time, a deeply-embossed wood grain that provides excellent traction, even when wet and low-maintenance design that resists rotting, wearing, staining, and warping. It also never needs painting or staining.

It easy install ,This benefit alone greatly reduces cost by requiring less support and framing.
If you use synthetic teak decking for your boat, u have more time enjoy life.

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Product Case

Our boat deck can be applied to a variety of boat decoration, the color of the atmosphere can be your boat decorated with more gorgeous.

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