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pvc soft panels house boat decking

pvc soft panels house boat decking
When teak is lovingly cared for, you can’t beat it for looks, but whatever you start doing, you have to keep doing: Varnish it and you’re soon facing the tyranny of the brush; use teak oil and you’ll be recoating it regularly. Leave the wood bare and all you have to do is deck-brush during every washdown, but it won’t have that teaky golden glow. Whatever path you follow, slack off on upkeep and your teak will soon look mangy.

But there’s no such worry if you install a “synthetic teak” platform, the choice of many skippers who’d rather go boating than swing a brush. Synthetic, or faux, teak—in other words, plastic molded and colored to look like teak—is long-lasting, keeps its teak-like appearance, and is virtually maintenance-free. Synthetic teak is becoming popular for decking as well as platforms, since, while it may not look quite as “yachty” as real teak, it looks a lot better than teak that’s not been kept up. Moreover, it provides excellent footing when dry and the traction gets better when the surface is wet. And, if you’re not afraid of being a little unorthodox, synthetic teak doesn’t even have to look like teak at all: It comes in different colors and can look like painted wood or, let’s be honest, have nature wood textured.

Seven Trust sells synthetic teak products made from recycled high-density polyethylene, mostly used milk bottles. we manufacture not only platforms, but also exterior and interior decking, The synthetic teak comes in white, black, and off-white as well as teak, and the company will mix colors.Because both the color and UV filters are added during molding, our company synthetic teak never fades, and never needs attention other than a little soap and water. It resists gasoline, oil, solvents, seagull droppings, almost anything—hey! It’ll outlive all of us.

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Our boat deck can be applied to a variety of boat decoration, the color of the atmosphere can be your boat decorated with more gorgeous.

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