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Special Price Synthetic Teak for marine decking

Special Price Synthetic Teak for marine decking

Synthetic teak for decking is kind of synthetic wood used for decking boats and yachts. The Synthetic teak various from typy to type. Some of these products are made of PVC only while other are a mixture of PVC and wood which makes the teak more solid and less flexible than just PVC. These days marine synthetic teak is getting more and more popular due to the fact that it provides majority of features of a real teak with the advantages of easy maintainance and durability. In reality the majority of boat owners face the diffuculties of preparing the real teak decking for a season after winter. Synthetic marine teak doesnt require time consuming preparations before season, which makes these PVC decking a great competitor of standard wooden solutions.

Why artificial teak?

Easy maintainance and long durability of artificial teak for boats are only few of the reasons why more proffesionals are chosing synthetic teak nowadays. Artificial teak is an interesting synthetic marine decking solution also because of its phisical features. Its not wet and slippery which makes sailing safe and confortable. Synthetic wood doesnt require as much time and energy for cleening as wooden flooring which is letting you relax and enjoy your boat. PVC teak for boats can be preasure washed without any harm of the surface. Laboratory tests shows that synthetic teak is also stain resistent and has anti fungal features. Potential damages or scratches can also be easily replaced or sanded within seconds. Synthetic marine wood for decking might be your reasonable solution on lower than wooden flooring price.

High elasticity of PVC wood

PVC artificial teak products are easy to install by amateur as well as professional. High flexibility of synthetic teak is helpfull when the surface is not flat but it can be used on any clear surface. The product can be installed to the surface by glue very easily giving an impression of clean wood teak surface. One of the biggest advatages of installing synthetic teak instead of real one is that you do not need to drill any wholes and use screws while installing the product on your boat. Such approach helps to keep underdecking structure untouched and saves time on installation. Since our synthetic teak for boats is stain resistance, it might be easily clean after an installation. Any scratches which have been made during the installation proccess or usage might be easily sanded in order to make it look like new.

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